Welcome message- Honorary President-ICR2018


Regarding discovery of X-ray by professor Wilhelm Roentgen and evolution of radiology science, a great step in medical sciences was gained to image different organs of human body and to early diagnose diseases. During past years, great advancement in radiology were made in favor of producing new and advanced imaging methods and devices.

Fortunately, this trend of advancement in radiology is also seen in our country and our specialists and professors have had their own best to develop radiology science. They use the advanced imaging methods in our universities to early diagnose diseases and to treat them as early as and as accurate as possible.

The Iranian congress of radiology is an opportunity to share advances in radiology science between professors and specialists inside and outside country.

Appreciating participation of professors and specialists in this congress, I hope to see continuous advances in radiology both in Iran and in other parts of world.


Mohammad Javad Marashi,MD