Welcome message-ISR President

Radiology as a guide for medical Diagnosis and Control of treatments

 By the Year 2018 and our 34th annual congress of Radiology, a growing need for all medical specialties for documented radiology and imaging is anticipated.

The current decade has witnessed a growing tendency towards image fusion like CT-PET, MR-PET, US-CT, US-MR, CT-MR and OCT “optic coherence tomography in combination with laser Light, visual light and B-mode ultrasonography “and etc.

The simple hand radiograph seen on this year's emblem of congress is meant to represent the basic roots of our discipline which has evolved to its current sophisticated status owing to the dedicated and artistic efforts of radiologists as represented by the red rose.

 Iran is home to a wide range of rose varieties and many vast legendary rose gardens in Ghamsar in the city of Kashan. Rosewater is most prominently produced in Kashan and since ancient times in Iran (Persia), rosewater has been used medically, nutritionally  and as a source of perfume.

The main themes of this year's congress are:

  • Pediatric radiology and imaging
  • Urology radiology and imaging
  • Gastrointestinal radiology and imaging
  • Musculoskeletal radiology and imaging

We are proud to introduce This Year's Heroes who are:

Ali Hekmatnia, MD from Isfahan "Nesfe jahan" meaning the city of Isfahan is half of the world as the president of congress. He is a well-known radiologist in Isfahan and the great Iran.

Morteza Sanei, MD a Faculty member of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Kourosh Abdollahifard, MD from another Iranian city of legendary Gardens Maraghe as the scientific and executive secretaries of the congress respectively.

On behalf of all members of the Iranian Society of Radiology and board of chairs, I want to say

 welcome to the guests of our 34th Annual congress in Milad Conference center of Tehran, Iran.

Thank you all our guests from Iran and other countries around Iran or Overseas, all Iranians and all Foreigners who accepted our invitation.


 J.Jalal Shokouhi ,MD.

President of the Iranian society or radiology