President of ICR 2018


In recent years, radiology science has been evolved by tremendous advances'; mostly due to advancement in information technology and to capability to produce images with highly favorable quality.

Fortunately in Iran in recent years, there have been profuse advances in training radiology science and much success in early diagnosis of diseases and even in treatment of important diseases; partly due to scientific and training communications between imaging teaching centers inside and outside country.

To reach this goal, Iranian Radiology Congress has been recently produced widespread programs in various radiology fields, favorable situation for research in radiology and a suitable bed to share brilliant professors' and radiology specialists' valuable experiences from inside and outside country.

Main theme of Iranian Radiology Congress 2018 includes pediatric radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, gastrointestinal radiology and urinary tract radiology. The congress will be held on May (1 to 4) 2018 in cultural complex of Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran.

All brilliant professors, dear specialists and noble researchers in radiology science are invited to participate in this congress, give lectures and articles.

Regarding Iranians are known for hospitality, kindness and valuing science, all guests would enjoy with many sweet memories from this valuable scientific event.


Hope to see you all in ICR 2018.

Ali Hekmatnia, MD

President of the 34th Iranian Congress of Radiology (ICR 2018)