Invited Speakers

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Amin Astani,MD

Interventional Radiologist 
Chairman of Radiology at West Suburban Medical Center 
Chairman of Radiology at Westlake Hospital 
Chicago, IL, USA

Arshid Azarine,MD, MSc


CT & MR Cardio-Vascular Imaging
Department of Radiology
Hôpital Paris-Saint Joseph
Paris , France

 Bijan Bijan, MD, MBA, MHA, MPH, MS (Applied Mathematics)* Professor of Nuclear Medicine & Radiology Radiology and Nuclear Medicine / PET Divisions
University of California Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, California,USA
  Giuseppe Brancatelli, MD  

Associate Professor of Radiology

University of Palermo School of Medicine,


  Rene Chapot, MD

 Alfried-Krupp Krankenhaus Hospital, Department of Intracranial Endovascular Therapy, Essen, Germany


 Florian Dammann,MD
 Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist
Senior Attending Physician
Dept. of Diagnostic, Interventional and Pediatric Radiology
Inselspital, University Hospital Bern

Amir Davarpanah,MD

Department of Radiology
Abdominal and Cardiothoracic Imaging,
Massachusetts General Hospital ,
Boston, MA



Marjolein Dremmen, MD

 Pediatric Radiologist

Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital, Rotterdam (NL)


Ali Gholamrezanezhad, MD, FEBNM


Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California (USC)
Los Angeles, California, USA


Stephane Grijseels , MD


Radiology Department, University Hospital Leuven

Herestraat, Belgium

  Andrea Laghi, MD  

Professor of Radiology 

Department of Radiological Sciences, Oncology and Pathology

"Sapienza" - University of Rome 

Clinical Director, Diagnostic Imaging Unit

I.C.O.T. Hospital, Latina - Italy

Maarten Hans Lequin,MD  

UtrechtMC —University Medical Centre Utrecht

Dept. of Radiology

Location: Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital


Mahmood F. Mafee, MD, FACR


Clinical Professor of Neuroradiology

Section Chief, Head and Neck Radiology

UC San Diego Medical Center



Morteza Mearadji, MD

 Professor of pediatric radiology, Sophia Children's  Hospital,Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam the Nederlands


Charbel Mounayer, MD

Head of Neuroradiology and Radiology Departments

Dupuytren University Hospital,Limoges,France



 Kourosh Nourisamei, MD

Director, Body Imaging

Memorial Care Imaging Center, CA




Anne G. Osborn, MD

Professor of Radiology

University Distinguished 

William H. and Patricia W. Child Presidential Endowed Chair in Radiology

Department of Radiology, University of Utah School of Medicine

Salt Lake City, UT  USA

Parham Pezeshk,MD  Assistant Professor, Division of Musculoskeletal imaging 
Department of Radiology,
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX


Emilio Quaia, MD

 Honorary Consultant in Radiology – Senior Lecturer University of Edinburgh ,UK

Simon.G.F. Robben, MD. PhD.

 Pediatric Radiologist
Maastricht University Medical Center
, Maastricht,The Netherlands

Mala Sibal, MD



Dept. of Fetal Medicine & OBG Ultrasound,

Manipal Hospital,

,Bangalore ,India

   Ali Shirkhoda, MD  

Professor of Radiology,

Department of Radiology,

University of California Irvine (UCI),

Irvine, CA, USA



Houman Sotoudeh, MD

Assistant Professor, Neuroradiology Section, University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB

Marc Zins , MD

Chairman of the Radiology Department at Saint Joseph Hospital, René Descartes University, Paris, France

  Hadi Zomorodian,MD
Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist
Responsible Radiologist for Senology
Radiology & Neuroradiology Department
Nordwest Hospital
Frankfurt am Main